Custom Made
It Weighs Heavily... Still

I approach my content-based art much as a painter approaches a canvas, a surface upon which to build the original idea. I am very process-oriented; the potential for discovery on the fabric during the process is what excites me. 

Nevertheless, many decisions I make are not arbitrary. The choice of fabric, ultimate composition, and final stitched details are all considered as necessary visual analogies in servitude of the content. 

This process of inquiry, discovery and decision making is my way of processing what I need to express while simultaneously discovering visual results that are perfect for each work of art.

This Long Walk
Approaching Autumn

I periodically question myself,

“Why make products that are to be deliberately handled, meant for use in the home, kitchen, or garden which will get soiled?” I always come back to the core of my work: I want to move past the fear of using something I create; to experience Wabi-Sabi in action. And I want the richness of texture, pattern, and color around me daily. 

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