I welcome individuals and 2-person groups to my studio for your choice of a 2-day or 3-day block carving workshop. My studio is compact but fully equipped.

Immerse yourself in learning to fearlessly create designs for pattern printing on fabric, safely and successfully carve blocks, and see the pattern emerge as you register print your blocks.

Print with water-based, superior-quality pigments that are permanent once heat set.

Learn to carve soft rubber blocks and print on fabric using a few simple tools and equipment you can easily order or purchase from Jeanne

Fees/$200 per day plus materials. Lunch included.

Class hours: Studio 9 am-noon/lunch 12-1 pm/studio 1-4 pm

Contact me to set up your personal workshop.

2-day workshop: Introduction to Block Carving & Printing on Fabric

  • Designing & block carving techniques using high-quality soft rubber blocks
  • Instructions on color mixing, block inking, and repeat pattern printing on fabric
  • Print repeat patterns on cotton fabric
  • Take home your blocks, detailed heat setting, and fabric care instructions

3-day workshop: Pattern Play

  • Designing & block carving for repeat pattern printing using high-quality soft rubber blocks
  • Color mixing information/work with a 2- to a 3-color palette
  • Exploration & discovery of pattern changes using just 1-2 carved blocks
  • Print your choice of a fabric item: T-shirt, bandana, or kitchen towel
  • Heat set fabric on-site using a rotary iron
  • Take home your blocks and an information packet on a basic studio setup & equipment for continued printing at home

I periodically question myself,

“Why make products that are to be deliberately handled, meant for use in the home, kitchen, or garden which will get soiled?” I always come back to the core of my work: I want to move past the fear of using something I create; to experience Wabi-Sabi in action. And I want the richness of texture, pattern, and color around me daily. 

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